atlanta countertop showroom

Come visit our Atlanta Granite Countertop Showroom. Craftmark Countertops has been in business in Atlanta since 1979 and we take pride in our quality and service.

Craftmark Countertops provides all services regarding the addition or replacement of countertops in the kitchen, bath, and other surface areas of the home. We have a wide variety of surfaces for you to choose from, including luxurious granite countertops, durable quartz countertops and seamless solid surface countertops.

We pride ourselves on providing detailed and timely quotes on our countertops and accessories with no hidden costs, and should you have any questions after the installation of your countertop, we have a friendly customer service department to help you.

Since 1979, Craftmark Countertops has been helping Atlanta transform homes into stunning displays of luxury, style and class with our solid surfacing, quartz and granite countertops. Our competitive pricing for your new Atlanta granite countertop makes our styles even more appealing, and our expert design and installation services always use only the best materials. Stop by our Atlanta countertop showroom and visit our virtual showroom here to see the options available for your quartz countertop, your solid surface countertop, or your granite countertop!