Types of Granite Countertops: Explained

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Granite is one of the most popular solid stone surfaces in the world.

It’s durable, it’s beautiful, and each slab of granite is inherently different. How much do you know about this igneous rock and how it’s used for kitchen countertops? We get a lot of questions about the different kinds of granite here at Craftmark Countertops so we’ve put together a brief primer on the types of granite countertops you need to know about.

Granite Slab

When most people think of “granite countertops” they think of slab granite. Granite slabs are large, mined pieces of granite that are “sliced” into individual slabs. They’re incredibly heavy and can range anywhere from 4’ to 6’ wide and from 7’ to 9’ to even 12’ long.

Here at Craftmark Countertops, most customers select a specific granite slab for their countertops. Once chosen, we cut, polish, and divide the slab as needed until it’s exactly the shape and size required to fit their countertops. Our professional installers then use great care to securely install the counters in the customer’s home where it will last for many years to come.

Modular Granite

For some customers, granite slab countertops are slightly too expensive. In this case, and for customers with a large number of counters to cover (such as property developers), modular granite countertops make perfect sense. They’re not cut into custom shapes and sizes for specific applications, but instead are pre-cut. Unlike slab granite, modular granite means you may still see a seam or two after installation, depending on the layout of your countertops.

Like slab granite, modular granite should still be installed by a professional. It can be used for more than countertops, too, and is popular for everything from shelving to furniture. Although granite is naturally very durable, modular granite doesn’t last quite as long as slab granite as a general rule.

Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are an increasingly popular choice for homes worldwide. Typically used for flooring, tiled granite measuring anywhere from 6” to 1’ square is actually an interesting choice for countertops, too. Because they do not need to be attached with mortar, granite tiles don’t end up with large grout seams between them making them far easier to clean. They’re the most cost effective way to cover a countertop in granite but should still be installed by a professional.

Craftmark Countertops has been in the Atlanta granite countertops business for nearly 40 years. Visit our Atlanta-area showroom to choose your perfect granite color and style today, and to talk to one of our specialists about the right material for your home.

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