The History of Marble as a Countertop

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Marble has been around for quite literally thousands of years. It’s one of the most cherished and time-honored materials for building construction and decoration and can be found in ancient civilizations from Egypt to Greece and Rome. It’s classic in its look, its feel, its utility and its value. Let’s look at the history of marble as a building material and its use in home construction as a countertop in kitchens and bathrooms, and where you can get the best.

History of Marble in the Ancient World

Marble is best known for the role it played in ancient Greece and Rome. It was chosen in those days as a favored building material just for how beautiful it is. Mining it, however, was very long and difficult, using hammers, wedges and hard, physical labor to loosen the earth around it, and the use of beams, levers, pulleys, and winches to pull it free. The history of marble in many ways is the history of engineering.

It was used in buildings, as flooring, to carve breathtaking statues, and yes, as countertops and tables, and was appreciated for its variety of colors, which come from the minerals within. Red marble contains hematite, green or yellow marble has limonite, and white marble contains calcite.

Current-Day Uses of Marble

Marble is one building material that has never, for its entire history, gone out of style. It remains as popular as ever today, even if it’s not quite as commonly seen. In the modern era, we use it for a broad range of purposes.

It’s used in modern structures from office buildings to churches and other houses of worship. It’s used in homes for flooring and walls. It’s used to fashion tables, statuary and decorative pieces. Of course, it’s highly popular as a material for countertops in home renovation processes from kitchens to bathrooms and more.

The Beauty of Marble

Marble is so classical and gorgeous that it lends a sense of history and class to any home renovation where it’s found. It is simply one of the most elegant materials you can find to use in your home renovation project.

Not only is it classically beautiful, it’s strong, easy to clean and maintain, and if properly sealed is resistant to damage, scratching and staining, and even a natural antibacterial agent. It’s truly no wonder that this amazing natural stone has been a leading material for thousands of years, and it’ll probably continue to be popular far into the future.

Finding the Best Marble Countertops

When you decide to install marble countertops as a part of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling job, you’re getting a material that you’re going to cherish for years. Of course, you’ll want the best possible service not only for finding the perfect marble counter, but for getting it properly installed as well.

That’s why those looking for the very best options for a marble counter in their home, turn to the professional sales and service at Craftmark Solid Surfaces. Check out the range of natural stone countertops we have available, and get in touch to get started today!

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