Granite vs. Quartz: The Battle for the Best Countertop

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cosmos quartz countertopsYour kitchen is perhaps the most important room in your home, which means you want it to be as attractive and functional as possible. While there are a variety of ways to improve the usefulness and appearance of your kitchen, one of the most effective is installing a new solid countertop. In addition to choosing the design of your new counter, you need to choose a construction material, and there are no two better choices than granite and quartz.

However, because these two materials provide such big benefits, it can be hard for the average homeowner to choose between them. Learn who wins the battle of granite vs. quartz so that you can more easily choose the right material for the kitchen countertops in your home.

Granite: A Classic Countertop Choice

Granite is possibly the most popular countertop choice for homeowners throughout the ages. Installing granite countertops provides your home with a timeless look that you’ll be sure to love. The reason that homeowners so frequently choose granite for their countertops is that this material offers a variety of benefits. Other than its attractive appearance, granite is extremely durable and low maintenance. It is also resistant to dirt, extreme temperatures, and bacteria.

However, there are certain drawbacks that you need to consider. First, granite must be sealed, which increases its already above average expense. Second, due to the way it is made, granite has the potential to chip. Finally, granite countertops can have visible seams, which some homeowners don’t appreciate.

Choosing Quartz for Your Home

Unlike granite, which is found in nature, humans make quartz from different types of stone. While not as traditional a choice as granite, quartz is an increasingly popular option for homeowners that are searching for a highly attractive and solid countertop.

The benefits of quartz are many and hard to resist. By its very nature, quartz is stain resistant, which means you will not have to pay to have your countertops sealed. Quartz is also less likely to chip, is resistant to bacteria, and is cheaper to install than granite. There are, however, some disadvantages to quartz. These drawbacks include increased weight, the possibility of discoloration through sunlight exposure, and heat damage.

Granite vs. Quartz: Who Wins?

Now that you know more about granite and quartz countertops, you should be better able to decide which option is right for your home. As we have seen, both of these materials come with their distinctive strengths and weaknesses. However, there is one thing these solid countertops have in common: Beauty. Whichever material you choose, quartz or granite, you’ll be getting a supremely attractive countertop that visitors to your home will be sure to appreciate.

Whether you’re adding new countertops to your existing kitchen, or starting from scratch and doing a complete remodel, it’s a good idea to work with professionals who understand your needs. Get help choosing between granite vs. quartz by working with the professionals at Craftmark Solid Surfaces, Inc.

Visit our Atlanta solid surface countertops page to learn more about our products, or contact a Craftmark Solid Surfaces representative to learn more about your options for installing granite or quartz countertops in your home.

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