Are Granite Countertops Safe for Kids?

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granite countertopWe tend to think that luxurious things do not mix well with small kids, but in truth granite countertops have many qualities that make them ideal for homes with children. Compared to many other countertop options like laminate or ceramic, granite counters offer even more safety for children.

Learn why granite countertops are a safer option if you have kids, including advice on how to choose the right edge and finishing style.

Granite Counters Resist Scratches and Stains

One of the most immediate benefits to investing in luxurious granite countertops lies in their longevity and durability compared to lower-end options. Scratching granite counters is extremely difficult. A child’s typical clumsiness is much less likely to leave a mark on granite than almost any other surface in the house, including your concrete driveway.

Most granite surfaces are rated near 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Only quartz, certain precious gems, and diamond are harder. Since some cleaning materials contain abrasives like corundum, an adult is more likely to scratch the counter by not following care recommendations compared to a child’s antics with a toy.

Also, granite naturally has a minimally porous structure and a completely non-porous one when sealed properly. Choosing certain finishes makes them even easier to seal. A smooth, sealed surface makes staining almost impossible, even for spills involving dark red juices or acidic substances.

Granite Counters Are Easy to Clean, Can Prevent Bacteria

Since granite counters have neither organic components nor porous surfaces, they leave nowhere for bacteria to hide. They can be cleaned easily, removing food particles and other substances that could otherwise lead to hazards on a tiled or laminate counter. Next time you look at someone’s tile, just notice how dirty their grout is to see what we mean!

Because granite is so simple to clean, you can easily remove things like play-doh and other sticky messes. Even nail polish is easy to remove! Coupled with the fact that many teens absent-mindedly leave hair heating products on the counter, your granite countertop can grow up alongside your kid and prevent serious counter damage.

Advice for Making Granite Countertops Safe for Kids

While they have the natural properties described above to make them safe, you can make your home even safer for your kids by following these tips:

  • Follow instructions for sealing and cleaning your counters to prevent damage to the finish or porous spots
  • Select a rounded edge finish that can drastically reduce the risk of serious injury or trauma if your child runs head-first into the counter — which they will certainly try to do!
  • Invest in a plastic or foam edge guard for kids if you are worried about them running into the counter; these can be easily removed as they mature
  • Ensure that your cabinets and underfloor structure are reinforced to support the extra weight of the surface material

Granite Counter Installation and Other Options

You can look at your options and request a quote for Atlanta granite counter installation today to start making your home safer and more inviting for your children. You can also explore even tougher options with lower-maintenance, like engineered and quartz countertops.

No matter what type of gorgeous stone counter you choose, remember that your home can be both beautiful and safe!

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