How Does Adding Granite Countertops Add to Your Home Value?

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There’s a saying in real estate: “Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes!”

granite countertopsIt couldn’t be more true. Home buyers are looking for value when they’re on the market for a new home, and few rooms stand out more in their minds than these two mainstays. In today’s open concept homes, kitchens in particular must make a statement to appeal to buyers. They’re the heart of the home!

Considering adding granite countertops in Atlanta? You’re not alone. At Craftmark Countertops, our customers are always weighing the pros and cons of investing in granite and other solid surface materials. We understand; it’s a commitment! But experts hold fast that granite countertops will improve the value of your home upon resale. Here’s why they say granite is a good choice.

Granite Literally Adds Value
No one knows home values better than appraisers. It’s telling, then, that appraisers for refinancers and mortgage lenders look to granite as a key indicator that a home is a worthy investment. These professionals have learned to make assumptions about the things they can’t see based on a homeowner’s investment in granite. If a home has a well-built kitchen, it’s more likely to be a good financial asset all around.

Granite is Upscale
Nothing dates a kitchen faster than laminate countertops, and nothing makes a buyer feel like they’re looking at a “fixer upper” like a cracked tile countertop with stains and mildew. Granite countertops hold their value, and savvy buyers know how much they’re worth. When sellers invest in classic granite countertops buyers automatically assume many other things in the kitchen and the rest of the home are top-of-the-line, too.

Granite is Durable
Of course granite is durable…it’s already millions of years old! Buyers know they won’t have to worry about granite countertops needing replacement in 5-10 years like they will a roof or an air conditioner. They see granite in kitchens and bathrooms and picture themselves moving right in. Granite is an indicator of a turnkey home, something nearly all buyers are looking for.

Upscale kitchen remodels are one of the biggest value propositions in remodeling. Need help deciding which granite countertops will add value to your Atlanta area home? The Craftmark Countertops granite showroom should be your first stop!

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