How to Care for Quartz Countertops

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Quartz countertops are stunning and amazing pieces of functional art in your kitchen or bathroom. Not only are they gorgeous, they’re harder than granite, anti-bacterial, non-porous and offer a range of benefits over the more common natural stone alternatives. That’s why, combined with the fact that they can cost less than granite or marble, they’re becoming increasingly popular among homeowners engaging in renovation projects.

Many who own these countertops, however, wonder if there are any special methods to keep them looking and holding up as great as the day they were installed? The good news is that quartz is very easy to keep shiny and clean. Discover some tips and tricks to care for quartz countertops and make sure they look just as gorgeous as when you installed them for many years to come.

Cleaning Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are supremely easy to clean. They don’t have pores like granite and marble, which means they don’t soak up spills and stains. Their smooth surface is also resistant to bacteria build-up, which makes them a great option for keeping your kitchen or bathroom hygienic.

Just clean your countertop regularly with some mild detergent that is non-abrasive and doesn’t include bleach, and a soft cloth. While it’s resistant to stains, it’s still not advisable to leave coffee, wine, fruit juices, tea and similar spills lay for a long time. Wipe them up promptly to preserve color.

For dried-on gunk or spills, you can use a similar non-abrasive sponge as you’d use for a non-stick pan. Let some surface cleaner sit on the stain for a few minutes, and wipe it away. A plastic putty knife and very gentle scraping can take care of issues like gum, paint or grease, and quartz-formulated degreasers and oil cleaners are available for grease and tough stains like permanent markers or ink.

Care for Quartz Countertops

Of course, you’ll also want to protect your counter from damage. Use hot pads and trivets when necessary. While quartz is heat-resistant, there’s no reason to risk placing a hot pan on the counter and creating thermal shock which can damage it.

Use cutting boards, and don’t cut into the surface with sharp knives. While quartz is a hard material that is resistant to scratches, just about anything can be damaged with a sharp enough blade and enough force. In fact, avoid excessive force or pressure in general. There’s no reason to risk cracking or chipping your gorgeous quartz counter!

Avoid acidic or alkaline cleaners like acetone, turpentine, bleach or oven cleaners. These can cause damage to the surface. You don’t need harsh cleaners to wipe up spills on quartz.

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